• XProtectX launches with the $XPRX coin

At XProtectX (XPRX), we are trying to build the 911 call for the internet and reward the users who make the calls.

XPRX has preassigned a Bitcoin Address for every current and future URL in the world. By using the Counterparty Protocol, we can fire data packets to forever store data about any specific URL using the Bitcoin Blockchain as the database.

This means, the data we send can never be censored, muted, revoked, or hidden. The data will forever remain as long as the Bitcoin Blockchain is operational.

If you see something harmful, threatening, or illegal online, report it to We never need your name or email address. If we fire a data packet at any URL submitted, we will send you some $XPRX in return for protecting X.

XPRX is a Counterparty ($XCP) Token. Learn more about XCP here or visit CP's block explorer at

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