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VILLAR NFT LOCKED! - Bitcoin Dispensers

Today marks one week since John Villar, one of the all time most impactful, respected community members of Counterparty passed away.

John has been the lead developer for Counterparty for years. During his tenure, one of the many innovations John created was Bitcoin Dispensers; Virtual vending machines for Bitcoin NFTs. Send BTC, get the NFT.

Sounds like a simple solution at face value, until you understand how Counterparty Bitcoin Dispensers function; A genius like John was needed to design and build such an efficient and elegant solution on Bitcoin. (Click the link to learn how to setup a Bitcoin Dispenser )

Typical NFT OTC sales between two parties require 2 Bitcoin txs. The buyer sends Bitcoin for the purchase, the seller sends the NFT. In the case of having an escrow party, 4 txs occur. This is just for the sale of 1 NFT.

A dispenser can distribute tens, even thousands of transactions between the seller and buyer from just the single send tx fee of the incoming Bitcoin from the buyer.

The incoming tx fee from the buyer is the only tx fee required (besides the initial tx fee by the seller to setup the dispenser) to buy and sell from a dispenser. The seller doesn't have to pay a tx fee to send the NFT from the dispenser. The seller just collects their BTC proceeds from the dispensers wallet with no middle man or fees.

The technical details of John's dispenser design are over my pay grade.

In simple terms, the incoming Bitcoin tx fee from the buyer additionally covers the dispense (send) tx fee from the dispenser. Oddly enough, the buyer pays just a typical Bitcoin tx fee, no absorbent tx fee is required for the dispense of the NFT from the dispenser. Technically speaking, I don't even think a dispense tx occurs, the NFT is just magically sent from the dispenser tx free.

In order to commemorate John and raise money for his family and children, the Villar NFT was created.

The amazing Counterparty community has raised over $7,000 for John's family by buying the VILLAR NFT from a Counterparty Bitcoin Dispenser in just a week.

John was everything I wish I could be, but am not. John had the mind to design incredible business methods with ease. He just didn't design them, he could program them on Counterparty/Bitcoin. This may sound selfish, but I will miss John an incredible amount for this. When John spoke in the Official Counterparty Room on Telegram (, my heart beated a bit faster; I knew what John was saying was revolutionary.

In the spirit of John, I'm going to have some fun with the VILLAR NFT token. I believe John would appreciate this.

Originally, the Villar token was declared to be unlimited, it even says it on the NFT card that represents the Bitcoin NFT VILLAR.

Guess what, it's no longer unlimited. The NFT VILLAR will be limited and locked to 280 issuances. Congrats to the early buyers and your generous donations!

The NFT Villar dispense price will be increased by 10X. The Villar NFT was originally priced at $40 per card, but since this card is now locked and limited, it deserves a much larger premium. Basic economics of supply and demand and boy have we had demand.

John wasn't just a member of the Counterparty Community, he is a Counterparty legend. His card will have its spot in Counterparty history one day.

At the time of this writing, 82.6 VILLAR NFTs out of 250 are still available to the general public for purchase. 30 additional Villar NFTs will be issued and distributed to John's family to do as they please with.

If you can't afford a full VILLAR NFT card at $420, you can purchase fractions of the card for as little as $4.20. You don't need to buy an entire card to own the Villar NFT.

Originally, I didn't want to limit the Villar token because I thought everyone should be able to hold the Villar token, the more distributed John's card is, the more remembered John is around the world.

In comes Counterparty Bitcoin NFT sub-assets. With the locking of Villar NFT to 280 issuances, the real unlimited Villar NFT will be released as VILLAR.UNLIMITED at a very low price so everyone can hold a piece of history in their wallet in memory of John.

If you would like to purchase the limited, unlimited, original VILLAR NFT token before they are all gone for $420, send Bitcoin to this Counterparty Dispenser. Once this dispenser is emptied, the real unlimited card VILLAR.UNLIMITED will be released to the masses.

All proceeds of the VILLAR NFT go directly to John's family. Congrats to the early buyers and John would be super proud of us Counterparty!

Click this link to purchase the VILLAR NFT from a Bitcoin Dispenser:

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