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The reboot of Dogeparty, history of DOGE wallet DDogepartyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw1dfzr worth $412,464,68

Dogeparty is rebooted!

7 years ago, Dogeparty was launched on Dogecoin. After a few years of low activity, the last remaining Dogeparty node was pulled and away went Dogeparty.

Dogeparty was built with Counterparty technology; Since the data is encoded on chain, the data remains as long as the chain lives on.

Like Bitcoin’s Counterparty software, Dogeparty was launched the same way, burning the chain's currency, DOGE to an unspendable wallet, to create XDP.

This is where wallet DDogepartyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw1dfzr comes into play.

Dogeparty uses something called XDP and it acts as the reserve currency and anti-spam mechanism for the protocol when issuing vanity named assets/NFTs.

When Dogeparty was launched, users had to “Burn” DOGE to get XDP.

The DogeParty community burned $575,000 worth of DOGE at the time in 2014.

Today, wallet DDogepartyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw1dfzr still holds the burned Doge from the Dogeparty launch and it’s worth $400,000,000+ and currently the 5th largest Dogecoin wallet in the world.

Due to the burn address having no known key, those funds will never move and are unspendable for life.

Now three Counterparty community developers/members decided it was time to reboot Dogeparty.

Dogeparty was built from Counterparty. While Dogeparty was in hibernation, Counterparty was getting upgrades.

The reboot of Dogeparty isn’t just a reboot, but also a massive upgrade.

The reboot founders decided the best way to move forward with Dogeparty was to secure a solid foundation that has the best chance of success.

In order to build that foundation, the reboot members believed a new “Bern” period should occur to raise funds for the maintenance and roadmap development of Dogeparty’s future.

The new “Berned” funds will not go into an unspendable wallet this time, but a custodial protected wallet that will not be touched until after the Bern period has commenced and the community has elected a new Dogeparty Foundation.

The elected foundation will determine the future roadmap of Dogeparty and how funds will be spent.

It’s important to note, no foundation members will be paid a salary and is volunteer only.

The Dogeparty community votes and elects foundation members via broadcasting using XDP as the vote count. All data is transparent and public.

The history of Dogeparty and the original community was an important factor in the reboot founders' decisions.

The reboot founders didn’t want the old records, NFT, assets and XDP to die.

That is why ALL original records, NFTs, assets, transactions, and XDP balances of all prior actions on Dogeparty still exist in original form.

If you participated in Dogeparty in the past and still have your Dogeparty wallet passphrase, your wallet and contents are the same as you left it when you last logged out years ago.

Dogeparty never really went away, it just took a break.

The new “Bern” period started Thursday and will run for the next 58 days.

The earlier a user “Berns” Doge during the “Bern” period, the higher “XDP” reward they receive.

The Bern block reward decreases as each block passes, so it’s best to “Bern” funds earliest as possible for the highest reward.

The current Bern rate is 10 DOGE = 1.5 XDP, however, each passing block, the reward diminishes until it reaches 10 DOGE = 1 XDP.

Once the Bern rate hits 10 DOGE = 1 XDP, the Bern will end and no more XDP will be created.

If you plan on participating in the reboot of DogeParty or know someone who may be interested in running for the new Dogeparty foundation, please get in touch with the Dogeparty community using the links below.

If you would like to join the Bern of the rebooted Dogeparty, visit

If you would like to learn more about how to use Dogeparty, visit

If you would like to explore Dogepartys tokens and transactions, visit

If you would like to talk to the Dogeparty community, come to the Official Dogeparty room on Telegram, visit

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