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SushiSwap Scam $SUSHI

SushiSwap Scam $SUSHI

In a huge turn of events, the creator of SushiSwap sold his entire bag of $SUSHI worth over $13,000,000 dumping it on the very community that supported him. 

It took the creator of SushiSwap just 7 days to make well over 8 figures. 

How does the creator live with himself? By claiming he did it FOR THE COMMUNITY and he deserved such a hefty payout for his efforts. 

Don’t feel bad if SushiSwap fails - The creator literally said he is happy with either result. I’d be happy with $13,000,000 for a weeks worth of work also. 

SushiSwap is everything that is wrong with crypto and Binance is complicit with such participation. 

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