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Remember when Daryl Morey retweeted “Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong”? 

The uproar caused by a single retweet was almost unimaginable. And the response by King James may be one of the worst prepared in public sports history. 

You have to give props to Adam Silver though, he handled it like an all-star. Silver wasn’t going to bow to the likes of China for the sake of lining his pockets with their money. 

All the owners and players might, but Silver did not. Silver stood firm that the players have the right to speak as they wish as you should in the United States of America. 

Since, not much has been mentioned about Hong Kong. It would typically be the story of the year, but the Corona Virus takes the top spot. 

Hong Kong basically lost its freedom of 1 country, 2 systems. Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China and the NBA no longer has fans in its seats. 

The common denominator is China. Ironic how this all works out. 

While China tried to strip NBA professionals of their free speech from foriegn soil, China literally stripped Hong Kong citizens of theirs. 

What does this have to do with Bitcoin? 

No one really knows but Bitcoin can act as a public readable database. 

A Counterparty developer created a non-reversible algo so every current and future URL in the world has a predetermined Bitcoin address that acts as an immutable and non-censorable database. 

In layman terms, every URL has a Bitcoin address that can store data and the data will remain there forever for anyone who wants to see and no one can do a damn thing about it. 

In honor of Hong Kong, we created the token FREEHONGKONG on the Bitcoin Blockchain using and the XCP Protocol. will become the first ever website to have data stored about it on the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

This new network of transparent data on the Bitcoin has been dubbed the Bitcoin Trust Network. Read about it here :

If you want to visit the Bitcoin Trust Network, go here:

The Rockets and NBA may have been able to get Daryl Morey to delete his tweet, but rest assured, the NBA, or China can never undo this data.

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