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CryptoPunks and RarePepe, ROBNESS, PUNK 2317

In latest news, Bitcoin Maxis suck, and the CryptoPunk community is pretty cool.

I've always considered myself a Bitcoin Maxi, but I no longer believe in that title. In fact, Bitcoin Maxis suck, NFT's are cool, and the CryptoPunk community is far cooler than the Bitcoin Maxis.

Why do I say this.....because Bitcoin Maxis generally regard CP as a spam machine, they have done nothing to help promote and build Bitcoin beyond a store of value or digital gold. If anything, they've hindered Bitcoin. They've allowed the ETH arrival and growth, while it and 1,000's of other alts ate away at Bitcoin, money that should of and could of flowed into Bitcoin.

I don't know how many times I need to scream this, but Bitcoin is NOT A STORE OF VALUE, IT IS A STORE OF SECURITY which gives it value. Using the protocol, Bitcoin can protect and secure assets of all types. However, the maxis don't understand the value gain behind securing valuable assets and have done nothing to help build Counterparty.

In other news, the Punk community is starting to learn about RarePepe.

The other day, a RAREPEPE sold for about $58,000 on opsensea. A new public all-time high.

I launched XCER.CO, a Bitcoin NFT card company. The idea is to make collecting original Bitcoin NFTs easy and fun.

The legendary ROBNESS (Bitcoin NFT OG) recently burned punk 2317 like the maniac he is.

What did I do, I went and put it on Bitcoin. Punk 2317 now lives inside Bitcoin, maybe the first punk on Bitcoin? That's pretty cool. But since Rob open sourced all IP related to Punk 2317, probably a 100 other people will do the same on different platforms. I don't really care, I still have the first PUNK on Bitcoin thanks to Robeness.

Its contract number on Bitcoin...... BURNEDPUNK - yup, NFTs on Bitcoin via Counterparty have vanity name contracts. That's literally the NFT contract number, BORNEDPUNK.

I've personally been somewhat salty to ETH CryptoPunks and other ETH NFTs.... I was frankly annoyed RAREPEPE wasn't getting the credit and attention it deserves.....But what I've learned through my XCER Twitter account @XCER_CO, CryptoPunks and the ETH NFTers are all pretty cool and you guys have built a great community.

I don't think ETH and other NFTers don't like Bitcoin NFTs or RarePepe's now, I just believe most don't know or understand the significance yet.

Counterparty, RarePepe, Bitcorns, we're a small community but rich in history and work with Bitcoin.

I myself would love to see the Punks and others join the Bitcoin community through XCP (

Join the official telegram and let us know you're a punk:

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