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Counterparty, the sleeping crypto giant.

Counterparty, the sleeping crypto giant. 

Launched in 2014, Counterparty (CP) created the native token XCP by sending 2,140 Bitcoin to an unspendable Bitcoin address. 

CP’s launch is one of the most unique in crypto history. While ICO’s became all the rage in crypto making the founders rich beyond imaginability without even launching a product, the founders of CP spent their own Bitcoin just to be included. 

CP was built in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

Don’t know Counterparty? Don’t worry, only the most hardcore Bitcoin people do. 

Let’s do an overview to catch you up….

Counterparty isn’t its own chain. Counterparty’s chain is Bitcoin. Counterparty is Bitcoin, literally. 

Counterparty is the Alan Turing of Bitcoin. The dude who cracked Enigma. Every Conterparty transaction is coded Bitcoin. CP decodes the Bitcoin transaction into a readable form. Pretty awesome. 

With CP, you can issue assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Those issued assets are equally secure as Bitcoin since they are literally Bitcoin. 

Sorry, but CP assets are more secure than Ethereum. 

LIterally anyone can create XCP assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, unlike Ethereum where you need a CS degree. It takes seconds and costs about $1 right now. You can literally issue your own token on the Bitcoin blockchain for about a $1 right now using CP. 

To issue your token, you will need 0.5 XCP. Want to buy XCP, use a CP dispenser. The dispenser will automatically dispense XCP when you send the required Bitcoin to it. 

The bad news, only about 200 total XCP is for sale in dispensers. And you can’t buy XCP on exchanges. It was kicked off all exchanges for unknown reasons. 

Some will say XCP was booted from exchanges because it's dead, it's too expensive. 

Sending XCP and CP assets cost about ten cents right now. 

It certainly shouldn’t have been kicked off for regulatory reasons, it was and still is the fairest coin launch in crypto history since Bitcoin. 

And no, it's not dead. 

CP recently released dispensers and its lead developer is working on a project called Hazama. 

Hazama will offer CP a sidechain solution for fast and nearly free transactions. It's based on a peg model. Hold your CP on the Bitcoin blockchain in your Bitcoin wallet for super security, or move them to a sidechain for fast, nearly free and instantaneous sends. 

Hazama will enable developers to integrate indirectly to the Bitcoin blockchain. Developers will be able to send tokens that were created on the Bitcoin blockchain into their apps and games. No backend infrastructure will be needed.

In just minutes, developers will be able to implement the Bitcoin blockchain into their creations. 

The biggest flaw of CP has alway been speed and cost. 

CP was never built to be fast. It was built to be true and secure. 

CP has a new golden age coming and it starts with Hazama. Nearly instant, cheap sends with tokens created and stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

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