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XPRX Round Up

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Hello to the Counterparty community!  

This is the first edition of the XPRX Round Up.

(Originally, this post was labeled Counterparty Round Up. I've decided to change it to the XPRX Round Up to not cause confusion. We are part of the Counterparty Community and proud of it, but we do not represent Counterparty in any official way.)

CIP22 Fully Funded!

CIP22 - Change “indexd” to “addrindexrs”

Counterparty received over 1.1 BTC worth $12,000 in August for CIPs (Counterparty Improvement Proposals). 

The biggest donation came from Jin Eguchi. 

Jin is an altcoin developer who uses a service with XCP forks. Jin felt it was only right to help the Counterparty community move forward. Jin became involved with CP in the early days around the time Spells of Genesis was released. He noted he had a lot of fun trading Rarepepes.

Here’s the CIP that was fully funded on Github for anyone who wants to check it out:

Bitcoin Trust Network (BTN) Released

The Bitcoin Trust Network (BTN) turns Bitcoin into an immutable, uncensorable, open transparent database using Counterparty assets. 

Using the algo Alphanumericals (developed by John Villar), BTN turns every alphanumeric combination into a burnable Bitcoin Address that can store data forever as long as Bitcoin exists. 

BTN has become overnight the most secure database in the world powered by Counterparty assets. To learn more about BTN, visit

Protocol KYC Compliance Chatter

In the Official Counterparty Chat on Telegram, there has been chatter from two of CP’s most influential leaders, Jeremy Johnson and John Villar about the ability for CP to implement KYC compliance at the protocol level via ‘white lists’. 

Whitelists would enable CP asset issuers the ability to become SEC compliant using Bitcoin. Jermey Johnson explained how CP could implement KYC compliance via whitelists at the protocol level below. & Hazama & Smart Contracts

Subtle signs are popping up around the internet that Counterparty users may soon have alternative options to send and receive Counterparty assets. 

It appears Hazama and are working on developing some sort of sidechain technology that would enable Counterparty assets to be sent and received in just seconds with minimal fees. 

From what XPRX gathers, Counterparty assets will have the ability to be pegged in and out using some form of sidechains.

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