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BITCOIN'S BIGGEST SECRET may be Bitcoin's biggest secret.

Counterparty uses the Bitcoin Blockchain to secure its tokens. CP tokens are the most secure in the world. 

Why is there not more excitement around Counterparty? 

Part of the reason may be Bitcoin moves slow. Bitcoin doesn’t promise to be this or that. It promises to be secure and resilient. Since Counterparty uses the Bitcoin Blockchain, Counterparty is subject to the same limitations as Bitcoin itself. 

Developers don’t like to move slow. Waiting 10 minutes for transactions to confirm is not ideal. 

The second reason is ERC tokens are pretty much the standard on exchanges. 

Let’s not confuse success = exchange listings. The current community sentiment in almost all the crypto space is price equals success. Don’t have a product, just on testnet, no problem. If the price is high, you are beloved in crypto.  

Counterparty burned over 2,100 Bitcoin to create the XCP token. XCP holds the utility value of creating named assets that live on the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

If you’re launching a token for security, the Bitcoin Blockchain is no doubt about it, the best place to do it. 

So why is every startup launching with ERC tokens? Because that’s what will bring them the cash.

Absolutely almost no one in the crypto community is excited about a token secured on the Bitcoin Blockchain.



One more time: 

No one is excited about a token that is 6 years old, has over 1 million transactions, has never been hacked, and burned over 2,100 Bitcoin.

In 2021, I look for this tide to change. 

Today, Counterparty is valued at $2,800,000 today. Just in Bitcoin burns, Counterparty spent over $20,000,000 in Bitcoin to create the XCP token. 

While traders look for the next 10X, Counterparty literally has almost 10X of value in just Bitcoin behind it. 

Second layers are coming to Bitcoin and this will only make CP faster and better. 

XCP is Bitcoin and it is the path to a new future on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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