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Bitcoin, so much more than a currency.

Everyone likes to talk about Bitcoin the money, but Bitcoin is truly more than that.

First and foremost, Bitcoin only has value because of its security. After all, if the network wasn’t properly secured, theft would be easy. If theft was easy, nobody would buy Bitcoin and would be worthless.

Bitcoin is the world's most secure network. No other government, company, or blockchain has a more secure network than Bitcoin.

At the heart of Bitcoin, security is the absolute reason why Bitcoin has any value whatsoever.

When you buy Bitcoin, you're not buying a currency, but the right to security. Bitcoin is the currency of digital security.

Recent rumors have swirled that new regulation will require self-custody Bitcoin Wallets to abide by KYC/AML laws in order for financial institutions and exchanges to offramp Bitcoin.

Based on the reaction on Twitter feed, most people are opposed to the implementation of this regulation.

I believe this regulation to be the most bullish case possible for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was never going to fully integrate into the world economies without following the laws of the land.

New regulation will bring more prosperity to Bitcoin than ever before. Bitcoin will become intertwined with world economies.

KYC/AML laws will open up an entire new world for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will become the security network of choice to protect the world’s most valuable assets like Apple, Google, and Tesla.

As companies onramp real world assets onto Bitcoin for protection and distribution, Bitcoin will explode in value.

Bitcoin isn’t just a currency, but the future protector of $100’s trillions in real world assets.

Companies will no longer need to use broker/dealers and banks to IPO. They will issue their shares directly themselves on Bitcoin and investors will be able to purchase directly.

The biggest benefactor of this occurring other than Bitcoin itself is Bitcoin based protocols.

Counterparty is the protocol I believe to be a sleeping giant.

Counterparty enables any person or company to create assets that live on the Bitcoin Blockchain and can be held in any Bitcoin Wallet.

Disclosure: I hold Counterparty ($XCP)

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