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A Bitcoin Address For Every URL On Earth

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

XProtectX has developed an open source immutable public database hosted on the Bitcoin Network for every URL and alphanumeric on Earth. Now every URL or alphabetic/numeric combination has its own unique Bitcoin Address with no known key.

When Bitcoin or data (Counterparty Tokens) is sent to a URL or alphanumeric Bitcoin Address, the value and data remains secure and public for as long as the Bitcoin Network exists.

Since Bitcoin is the world's most secure computer network, all Bitcoin and data sent is the most secure and transparent value and data in the world.

The possibilities for using this technology are endless.

Assign value or data to any physical address.

Assign value or data to any URL.

Assign value or data about any crypto address.

The value or data sent will remain immutable and stored forever for anyone to find or use.

The data and value does not belong to anyone and doesn't require anything other than a Bitcoin wallet to send.

Web URL's today currently possess no intrinsic value.

Fake news is spiraling out of control because there is no central warning system across the internet for URLs.

The internet is broken because the information we share has no value attached.

XProtectX aims to use this new found innovation to create a 911 call for the internet. If you come across something illegal, disturbing, or threatening, report it at

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