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1000X Return - Start Developing On The Crypto XCP Protocol 

They say something like 99% of startups fail. 

If you’re a founder or developer looking to launch a startup or even a side or weekend project, chances are you’re going to fail.

But what if you could fail and still win. 

That’s what’s interesting to me about crypto protocols, in particular the XCP Protocol, also known as Counterparty. 

The XCP protocol has been creating NFT’s on the Bitcoin Blockchain since 2014. 

You can buy interest in crypto protocols. In the case of the XCP Protocol, you can buy the XCP token. The XCP token gives the owner the right to create NFT’s on the Bitcoin Blockchain.  XCP is essentially the reserve currency of the XCP protocol and diminishes in supply with every asset issuance. 

If you believe creating NFT’s on the Bitcoin Blockchain may be valuable in the future, you would want to hold the XCP token for the future.

If you're developing a game or application and want to incorporate NFT’s, you can do it with the XCP Protocol. You could also do it with Ethereum or a bunch of other blockchains. 

The difference is the Bitcoin Blockchain is far superior to the rest. You don’t want to develop on a chain that may not be here in a year or two. 

Ethereum is a fine option, but it is currently valued at $50,000,000,000. 

What does Ethereum’s value have anything to do with this? 

If you want to benefit from Ethereum’s rise, you will need to buy in at a $50,000,000,000 valuation. For you to make 20X return, you will need Ethereum to go to a $1 trillion dollar valuation. 

Will your startup be able to move the needle on Ethereum’s value? Meaning, will your startup or project be so successful, it will literally make Ethereum worth more? 

Probably not. 

But let’s say you were able to start developing on Ethereum when it was valued at $3,000,000. 

When you decided to start developing on Ethereum, you bought $5,000 worth of Ethereum at a $3MM valuation. 

Let’s say your startup failed, but you kept those Ether. Right now you would have about $74,000,000 from your $5,000 investment. 

If you invest $5,000 in Ethereum today, it would need to go to $1 trillion in value for just $100,000. A far cry from $74,000,000. 

As a developer, you want to look for crypto protocols that you can move the needle so you can benefit from the protocol’s value rise. 

As a developer, you shouldn’t be looking for 20X returns, you should be looking for 1000X returns. 

You should not be attempting to start a business to make $100K, you should be looking to make millions. 

With Ethereum, you're never going to make millions by investing $5K in Ether today.  

With the XCP protocol, it is certainly possible to make that 1000X return while failing.

With the XCP protocol, you are not developing by yourself, but with others. 

One of the great things about XCP is even if you lose, you still have a chance to win big. 

Typically in business, you want your competition to fail. 

With Counterparty, your biggest competition is your best friend. 

For example, let’s say you're developing a XCP Bitcoin wallet and two others are doing the same. In normal circumstances, you would want your competition to fail.

However, if you own interest in the protocol and your competition crushes you, you still win big from the protocol’s value due to your competition. 

Ethereum’s value is so high, aligned community interest of 1000X returns are no longer possible for the Ethereum developer community. 

But with Counterparty, aligned community interests have never been greater. 

If you’re a developer, there is no better time than now to come over to Counterparty. You can buy into the aligned protocol community for cents on the dollar that it cost to create.

Not only are you building with the amazing developer community of Counterparty, you are using the Bitcoin Blokchcian to do so. 

You can go over to Ethereum and hope your project works out or you can come over to Counterparty, incorporate the Bitcoin Blockchain into your app, make history, move the needle, all while having the opportunity to get that 1000X return even if you fail. 

No other community in all of crypto will be more excited to see you and I can’t think of a better one than Counterparty. 

You don’t have a chance to just make money with Counterparty, you have a chance to make history with the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

Visit Counterparty’s telegram today to meet the amazing community ---> or visit to learn more. View the Counterparty block explorer at

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