The Bitcoin 

trust network

No one can own the Bitcoin Network or its data. Build your own trust network using the Bitcoin Blockchain and Counterparty.

The Bitcoin Trust Network is a data feed oracle secured by Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin Trust Network cannot be owned and is secured directly by Bitcoin itself making it the most secure data feed in the world.


The Bitcoin Trust Network data feed is completely free for use since Bitcoin itself secures the data - no utility tokens required. 


The Bitcoin Trust Network is the natural progression of the Alpahnumericals Algorithm.


Alphanuermicals is an open source algorithm built with React that pre-assigned every alphanumeric combination possible with a Bitcoin Address that has no known key - commonly known as a burn address.


Blocks confirmed by Bitcoin miners contain the Bitcoin Trust Network data so naturally the data can never be modified, muted, revoked, or censored. Since the data is locked in an unspendable Bitcoin Address, once a block confirms, the data remains forever. 


Alphanumericals in combination with Counterparty turns Bitcoin into a transparent trust network and data feed oracle. 


When Counterparty NFT assets are sent to the burn addresses that were pre-assigned by the Alphanumericals Algorithm, the data is secured and stored by Bitcoin itself and made readable by Counterparty Protocol.  


The Alphanumericals pre-assigned burn addresses act as the database and data feed for all alphanumeric combinations.  Turning Bitcoin into a free oracle data feed and enabling anyone with a Bitcoin Wallet to build trust networks for listening applications. 


The Bitcoin Trust Network cannot accept or reject data from providers, as data is inherently accepted by Bitcoin when accepted by miners into a block.


Although named the Bitcoin Trust Network, we do not own this network. We cannot prevent or stop anyone from using Bitcoin nor can we directly profit from the network itself as Bitcoin Miners are the beneficiaries of the TX fees.


The Bitcoin Trust Network and the Alphanumericals Algorithm is open sourced for anyone to use. 


The Bitcoin Trust Network was not built, but discovered in combination with Bitcoin, Counterparty, and Alphanumericals. 



XPRX was the first to discover how the Bitcoin Network can be used as a decentralized, uncensorable, immutable, transparent trust network. 


With the creation of the Alpahnumericals algorithm, XPRX has pre-assigned every current and future alphanumeric combination with an unspendable Bitcoin Address, often known as a burn address. 


Using the Counterparty Protocol, NFT holders can send readable, immutable, uncensorable data to any alphanumeric combination.


The sent data is stored on the Bitcoin Blockchain that is accessible for any company or person to use. The stored data does not belong to any single owner other than Bitcoin itself and can never be censored or removed from the network by anyone.